Cruise Control Diet Review

The Cruise Control Diet is a flexible and forgiving diet program that does away with the many rules and restrictions that you would normally find with other weight loss programs. This product contains a whole-foods approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss that simply requires you to listen to your body’s natural instinct to determine when and how much food you should eat.

This diet plan revolves around 4 simple rules. The first is that natural foods cause your body to burn fat. By contrast (also serving as the second rule), processed and artificial foods make your body store fat. Thirdly, complete abstinence from guilt food is futile; treating yourself with guilty pleasures can actually help you lose more weight. Lastly, your body’s natural hunger instinct is a way better guide than any calorie counting metric or dieting schedule will ever be – learn to trust it.

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As you read through the Cruise Control Diet, you’ll find that it is not only a loose diet (i.e. quite flexible and forgiving compared to other diet programs), but a healthy lifestyle guide as well. The author sums up his philosophy in this one statement: “Hunger and eating should be instinctual processes—not intellectual!”

Speaking of the author, Cruise Control Diet was created and authored by James Ward. James may not be a nutritionist, a doctor, or a health practitioner; but instead, the author describes himself as a regular guy with average genetics, who, like millions of people around the world, developed a weight problem.

James was disheartened by his several years of unsuccessful yo-yo dieting. Driven to get healthy and lose weight, he went out and learned new and vital pieces of information about the body’s metabolism that lead him to the real truth behind fat loss. This diet plan is the end result of the author’s successful journey of losing 36 pounds in 10 weeks as well as the “keeping the weight off” adventure that follows afterwards.

Cruise Control Diet is a course that aims to help individuals lose approximately 30 pounds over an 8-week period without the need for excessive exercise, fad foods, or diet pills. This diet plan consists of three phases: The Metabolic Reset Phase, The Cruise Control Phase, and The Rapid Fat Burning Phase.

The first phase, which is the strictest of the three, resets an individual’s metabolism by lowering the body’s insulin levels. The Metabolic Reset Phase rebuilds the body’s natural hunger instinct, and lasts for two weeks.

The Cruise Control Phase is the period in which fat loss and weight loss are literally on cruise control, and where you are allowed to enjoy one to two cheat meals per week. This would also serve as your default diet regimen for weight loss maintenance after you have finished with the last phase.

Finally, The Rapid Fat Burning Phase is considered an extension of the second phase. Not only will you experience rapid fat loss during this process, but will also enjoy a feeling of energy, strength, and wellbeing. Like what we mentioned above, after The Rapid Fat Burning Phase you would return to The Cruise Control Phase as maintenance to keep the weight off.

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Cruise Control Diet is not just a highly effective way to attain your weight loss goals, but also a plan designed to sustain that weight loss effortlessly (i.e. on cruise control). This program saves you from the zero-sum game of “lose 5 pounds and gain 5 back (or worse, gain 6 or more back)” cycle that most diet programs put you through. For that reason, among other reasons we’ll discuss below, we give this program a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The main thing that makes Cruise Control Diet different from the rest is that it emphasizes on going for a worry-free weight loss regimen. Let us do a clarification by contrast. With other diet programs, you follow a strict diet regimen (calorie counting, meal plan, diet schedule) and you lose weight. Once you lose that weight, you need to stick to the same strict diet regimen to keep the weight off; burdening you with worries of strict diet protocols and precise eating schedules. With the Cruise Control Diet, you go on a precise diet regimen to lose weight; however, you return to a very flexible and forgiving maintenance regimen (The Cruise Control Phase mentioned above) to keep that weight off. See the difference?

The only minor qualm we have with the Cruise Control Diet is the wordy manner in which it is presented. James Ward tends to ramble, and with the numerous myths and facts he discusses to prove his point, things can get just a little bit confusing. However, if you are patient enough to go through these rambling sessions, you would pick up a few interesting facts here and there.

Regardless, we know (all too well!) how very strict diet programs tend to create their own set of problems with complicated calorie counting mathematics and meal plan principles. The Cruise Control Diet’s flexibility and forgiving nature is a breath of fresh air. It’s easier to follow and succeed on a diet program that doesn’t have a lot of restrictions and rules that other programs have.

Overall, the Cruise Control Diet utilizes a deep understanding of how the body works coupled with extensive research to come up with a diet plan — and a lifestyle — that allows you to shed off those unwanted pounds and keeps them off forever on cruise control.

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